Our Bespoke Wedding Dress Service

Turning an idea to a beautiful reality

Our Bespoke Wedding Dress Service

Turning an idea to a beautiful reality

Welcome To Our Studio

Finding the right wedding gown is important and a bespoke dress will make it perfect.

This occasion will be one of the most significant and joyous days of your life. We like to share our enthusiasm for wedding dress design and welcome all enquiries from brides who are looking for a wedding dress. We will always try to help or offer our very best advice.

After an initial phone call or email, we will recommend a free consultation with Tatiana to discuss your dress and talk you through our service. We will show you our sample dresses to try on, fabrics and share your excitement in our bright and spacious studio.

High Quality Materials

Let our exquisite fabrics inspire you further!

Your dress will be unique and exclusive due to the selection and combination of fabrics. We source everything from satins and silks of various qualities, colours and finishes, unrivalled range of laces from delicate chantilly, beaded and embellished or cotton guipure lace and more.

We pride ourselves on being meeting all your expectations however unique.
Under Tatiana’s expert guidance, the final choice will be yours, providing you with an exciting and truly bespoke experience.

Design Development

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is an exciting stage when all information, inspiration and your preferences start coming together in a form of fashion boards and sketches representing your future dress.

Your Dream Dress

Perfect Fit and craftship

Bespoke and Personal

The First Fitting…

The mock-up of your dress is made and this is when the ideas start taking shape. A prototype of your dress is made and you can see its shape and style fitted on you allowing us to make decisions and tweaks about the fit and create the most flattering version of your design that will give you the best possible preview to what your dress will look like.

We then make necessary changes, adapt and redraft your dress pattern and get ready for the next stage.

The Creation…

We are now ready to start!

We will construct the bespoke wedding dress from the bodice and its structure, to the skirt and its layers, applying a range of techniques true to professional couture dress making. This is the longest stage with all of its dress making elements combined.

Then we are ready for your first dress fitting!

Dress Fittings…

The perfect fit from start to finish.

After the initial fitting when you and your dress are introduced to each other for the first time, we will have a few more fittings in order to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. This will give us the opportunity to see how the fit and other dress details enhance your look and gradually work with you and your vision in mind towards the completion.

Often brides change their body shape leading up to the wedding day, which we are very familiar with and through our carefully scheduled fittings we can accommodate without any hassle.

Finishing Touches…

Paying careful attention to every detail
we use couture finishing techniques that elevate your garments to the highest level of elegance and craftsmanship.

We will finish your garments with impeccable couture techniques that stand up to the most discerning eyes and will stand the test of time.

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