Silk has always been a popular wedding dress option. People admire this natural fibre for its strength, shine, resilience, and softness. Also, its elegant appearance and feel position it as a luxury material within the fashion industry. This makes it a high-end material for garments.

And our bridal studio has worked on many beautiful dresses using a variety of silk materials. Our brides truly appreciate the quality and opportunity to choose from a rich silk selection when we create their bespoke wedding gowns.

The one question is often asked. “Why silk for a wedding dress?”

There are many reasons why silk is a wonderful option and there are also some other silk qualities to consider. I can talk you through what have learned over the years working with silks.

Silk has a soft and smooth texture that gives it its luxurious and high-end appeal. Silk fibre is a unique structure that refracts light at different angles thereby producing different colours and resulting in silk’s signature lustrous shimmer as you can see.

silk fabric

This fabric handles moisture well, especially for clothing items. This makes it breathable. Also, it absorbs dyes well, and manufacturers can use low-impact or natural dyes and create some wonderful subtle shades perfect for bridal gowns.

And of course, if the dress is made from raw, untreated silk it makes it completely biodegradable after its useful life. This makes it an eco-friendly choice.

There are however some downsides. Silk is rather difficult to maintain in good condition long term. The clothing items can shrink easily in the wash and As much as it’s a strong and durable fibre, overexposure to the sun can weaken it. However, for its first wear, it will be flawless.

One of the downsides of silk textiles is that they wrinkle easily. This means they require frequent ironing and steaming to look presentable. We spent lots of time during the process doign just that.

Why is silk s special?

Silk is made out of natural fibre that can be woven into textiles. This natural fibre is mainly composed of a protein called fibroin, produced only by certain cocoon-forming insects. So, its slight temperamental character comes from its organic nature. On the other hand, even though it’s only slightly thicker than that of human hair, it’s known to be a highly robust fibre and even as the finest weave such as chiffon, it is a surprisingly strong fabric.

There have been many types of silk that have emerged through the years using different materials and methods which allows for more creativity and versatility. We have been sourcing our siks fabric from a wonderful sikl specialist based in London, call In fact, silk has been around for 5,000 years and its appeal has never faded. Quite the opposite.

It is still the most popular choice for brides and probably always will be.