We are super excited to have our wedding dresses featured in a ten-page spread for London Runway magazine https://londonrunway.co.uk/ as well as making the cover! ‘How did we do it’ I hear you ask.  Well, some of it was pure luck being at the right place and the right time, lots of it was hard work and networking.

Putting yourself out there

The last year and a half have provided an opportunity to focus on slightly different aspects of running my business for which I didn’t have time, confidence, or inside knowledge before. With the sudden ‘gift’ of time (as hospitality closed down) almost instantaneously came willingness to cooperate and collaborate even more in order to keep creative talent and the bridal industry alive. I welcomed this chance and jumped in on most collaborations, online networking meetings, workshops, seminars, and photoshoots. No experience is wasted even if the results or benefits aren’t immediately obvious. I was surrounded by like-minded people from the bridal industry and always learning something new and getting to know interesting people.

One such chance led to a truly exciting editorial photoshoot showcasing a few of our bespoke wedding dresses from our collection https://tatianaporembova.co.uk/signature-wedding-dresses/ for London Runway Magazine. With the wonderful Latta, a celebrity make-up artist https://www.instagram.com/lattapathakmuah/?hl= and a published model, Karola https://www.instagram.com/karola3623_/ already on-board, I said ‘yes’ even before I knew there was a possibility for the photos to be on a cover. Just working with such a fantastic group of people was definitely rewarding.  So, when the photos were published in the ten-page feature – as well as on the cover – I was beyond thrilled. You can purchase and enjoy the latest issue here https://londonrunway.co.uk/2021/09/27/issue-66-the-lfw-issue/

Value of relationships

What’s left now, is for me to thank the journalists from the magazine. I hope they will have me in mind the next time they need to cover something related to my business and our wonderful bespoke wedding dresses. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that business is all about good relationships.

These fifteen minutes of fame have gone into my head a little 😉. I started to think about more media coverage. It’s not as hard as you might think and there are some basics, we all can try to give our businesses a leg-up.

what you can do

For a start, think like a journalist. Decide what makes the story of your business unique and then which is the best blog or publication to share the story with. It’s a simple targeting of the right audience. Remember the approach and the angle that works for Vogue will not necessarily be the same as for your local magazine. So, before you target any media platform, newspaper or magazine, read them cover to cover and explore regular features or columns where you think you might be able to put yourself forward.

Once you find the right publications for you, get to know individual journalists and see what they write about and how your business can fit into their content.  A place to ‘meet’ journalists in on Twitter so follow useful hashtags such  #journorequest 

Apart from the well-written content, you will need professional photos. Having great quality images will often determine whether you get media coverage. An idea is to mirror the quality of images seen in your target publication. Particularly if your product or service is in a creative industry.

And without trying to sound like a cliché, be yourself. It is particularly true for small businesses, as it is us (you and me) the potential customers are buying into.