Bridal promotional video showcasing all industry talents

Industry collaboration became very sought after in the last couple of years. Our studio was lucky to be asked to collaborate with a big event coordinator. We lent some of our new wedding dresses to a bridal shoot and video. The result was fantastic! Well see for yourselves:

What is the key to a successful styled wedding shoot?

It’s all about good collaboration. Yes, you need to have a beautiful theme. And of course, you need a water-tight plan. But most of all, you need a fantastic team of suppliers who are totally on board with the collaboration.

What I have learned over the years that collaborating and networking always bring results. After all, in most cases, people in the wedding industry collaborate for free. Supplying their time, skills, and products in exchange for professional images and publication credit. You need people who get your vision and are passionate about producing an amazing outcome. It’s usually best to collaborate with wedding industry suppliers and creatives who have a similar style and/or ideal client to your brand.

Collaboration results that would otherwise be too difficult if not impossible to produce on your own without the extra resources that collaboration offers. They might not always be measurable in terms of immediate sales or commercial orders but it often offers more long terms prospects and gives you more insights that you can benefit from and share with your future customers.

So our big thank you to for organizing it.