Wedding dress shopping is often the most exciting part of the bridal experience. Well, we certainly think so. 

However, the global pandemic might have deprived some of you of the opportunity to do so. A variety of reasons made it difficult or in fact impossible in the last three months. Plenty of weddings had to be rescheduled or postponed or considerably downsized. It all seems to have changed. Yet, the unique joy of looking for and finding your wedding dress will still be the same, I promise.

Of course, safety rules will have to be followed but they do not take away anything from the experience if done right. There are some basic tips that can help you to manage the wedding dress shopping, now relevant more than ever. Do your research, before you set off on a shopping trip or a consultation. That way, you will get more out of the time spent with a wedding professional making it more efficient and enjoyable. Know your budget, your time scale, colour and style preference. This includes having some ideas on the dress style you like. But don’t be completely stuck on your ideas and allow room to be ‘surprised’.   We found some light-hearted quiz .

Prepare yourself when going wedding dress shopping.

Get yourself familiarised with some key wedding dress style keywords. It’s great to be able to concisely articulate what wedding dress styles you are looking for and why. Even pick a famous bridal muse that best represents your style. Not only might you find it useful, but it’s also good fun. Social media is the best tool and use it to inspire you but always remember to apply some caution as online appearances can be deceptive. Try to schedule your bridal appointments all in one day or one week. This way, each and every gown is fresh in your memory for comparison and the decision will be easier to make at the end. A useful tip from my own experience as a bridal studio owner is to choose a weekday if at all possible. It’s less busy, allowing more flexibility to choose a time and a day and the time spent at the consultation will not be strictly limited as it’s often the case during weekend appointments. 

Less is more.

What I have seen work well if a bride comes for her appointment by herself or with just one person which makes it for a more focused and calmer experience. This can be best done at the initial consultation. In this ‘new normal’ the limited number of people is the way forward anyway. However, sharing this moment with friends and family is what makes it special so don’t despair, skype zoom, facetime…our wifi is available.  Have your questions ready and take advantage of bridal experts. They are there to help! Particularly if you have a bespoke gown made. As a designer myself, I understand the way gowns are created and structured, I have an extensive knowledge of materials and techniques which I am constantly updating. Let’s not forget creativity and years of experience. All of this results in the best outcome and the most beautiful, the best fitted and the most personal dress and bridal experience. This is the feedback I have been given from our brides. It is the most satisfying to know as I am just invested in their dress as they are.  

Your timing is important.

Do not leave wedding dress shopping to the last minute as you are risking running out of options. Wedding dress shopping or making requires time, now more so than before in some cases. Even though you are planning your wedding year or two away or have postponed it, try not to reschedule your wedding dress shopping. From experience, I can recommend starting some preliminary research as soon as you can. It will also help you plan your budget knowing (rather than guessing) the cost. If you worry about your figure changing in time, here again, a bespoke gown is an ideal way to make sure there will not be any issues. I am used to working with each bride in particular time planning and work in stages accordingly. So if you want to find out more about how bespoke works please contact me for a chat

The best thing is to avoid pushing your dress decision making back now. With so many brides and wedding planning having to put everything on hold for 3 months, there is a surge expected. Of course, it’s unlikely we will see the news of brides queuing for hours a day before to get to their appointments but there will be some initial rush to make up for the lost time. The last and probably the most important piece of advice that we have been hearing across the board is to support local made. This can not be more relevant than when it comes to having your wedding dress made in the UK, or better still local.

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by talented people particularly in the wedding industry and now it’s the time to celebrate it and show our appreciation.