As a wedding dress designer meeting brides in the thick of planning their own wedding, I know first-hand the double-edged sword that is social media. It’s an infinite archive of inspiration at your fingertips. From flowers to cakes and beyond. But it’s also a black hole of ideas that, when jumbled all together, often creates even more confusion.

Whilst I can take care of this seemingly never-ending maze of dress inspiration, there are many other aspects of the wedding where options are just too overwhelming. Flowers are definitely one of the beautiful elements where there might be no limits. Choosing an ethical approach is not only the kind choice but will already narrow the endless window of too many opportunities to a more manageable number.
One of the very talented wedding florists is Emma from She uses British flowers and is passionate about supporting our wonderful growers in the UK. All her degradable or recyclable materials and packaging and in 2018 we became a foam-free business taking her legacy beyond just flowers. As an artist myself focusing on supporting locals within my business I like to champion the same beliefs whenever possible.

In fact, most wedding suppliers have a recommended list of other experts in the industry, based on working experience with them personally so it is always worth asking. Word of mouth is still the most powerful advertising tool as it comes with a personal connection that can only be experienced on some level. I have built a community of small but trusted experts I won’t hesitate to rave about.